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ToyFight x GSAP = 2 Webby Awards!

ArticleApril 2024


ToyFight x GSAP = 2 Webby Awards!

ArticleApril 2024

The new GSAP website has been named the winner in both the "Web Services & Applications" and "Best Use of Animation or Motion Graphics" categories at the 2024 Webbys!

GSAP had already swept up an Awwwards Site of the Day and been nominated for Site of the Month, with one of our highest ever "Dev Scores" (8.49), so we had high hopes when we saw the Webby nominations.

That said, the "Web Services & Applications" category was particularly competitive, with the site facing up against big hitters like Google, Spotify and GIPHY.

Nevertheless, GSAP was named the winner of both categories, joining Apple, Rihanna, and Former President Barack Obama on the list of 2024 Webby winners, and we couldn't be prouder!

We look forward to Barack (first name terms) giving us a shout out on his blog.


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