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Connect Recorder

Our Connect page features a voice recorder that you can use to record a message. The recorder asks for permission to access your device microphone before capturing any audio. Once sent, the audio is stored in a private folder on https://cloudinary.com.

If you wish for your audio to be deleted from https://cloudinary.com, please send us an email stating your request, including a general description of the message and the time/ date you submitted it.

Once we receive recordings, we may choose to move them to our answer machine, also featured on our Connect page. Before moving the audio, we reserve the right to:

  • Trim the audio.

  • Censor/remove any personally identifying information about the user who submitted the audio.

  • Adjust the audio settings for comedic effect.


We use Google Analytics to track baseline data about the usage of our site. We don't store any personal information about our users, just the pages that they view so that we can keep an eye on what content is popular. We don't give users the option to turn analytics off because all data is anonymous anyway. If you desperately don't want your anonymous site usage to be tracked then please don't use the site.


We don't set any cookies ourselves, but cookies do get set by third parties. These are:

  • _ga: Google Analytics

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